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Joseph Inguimberty (French, 1896-1971)

Landscape painter born in Marseille in 1896, Joseph Inguimberty is primarily known for his role as a professor at the Indochina School of Fine Arts in Hanoi.

He began his training in 1910 at the Marseille School of Fine Arts and continued it at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris from 1913. The First World War interrupted his education, a pause that lasted until 1918. After several successful exhibitions and awards (Blumenthal Prize in 1922, first national painting prize by the 1924 salon, travel grant), he traveled across Europe and focused his artistic production on depicting work scenes.

In 1925, he accepted the position of drawing professor at the newly created Indochina School of Fine Arts, founded by Victor Tardieu and Nguyen Van Tho. He mentored and taught 17 classes at the Hanoi school, including painters like Le Pho, Mai Thu, and other figures of the Vietnamese avant-garde. Alongside his teaching role, Joseph Inguimberty continued his artistic production, painting women working in the rice fields and exploring new techniques like lacquer work. Indeed, the artist had a deep interest in this technique; he, along with the French artist Alix Aymé, pioneered its revival and, in collaboration, established a workshop in 1934.

The onset of political conflict in Indochina compelled him to return to France in 1946. He settled in Menton, in the south of France, continued painting but left aside his teaching activities. Heavily influenced by his years in Vietnam, his works depicted Provence and its landscapes, infused with Asian forms reminiscent of Tonkinese landscapes. He continued painting these landscapes until 1971, the year of his death.

Presently, the artist enjoys significant success among collectors, primarily for his paintings, which can fetch prices ranging into several thousand euros.
If you own a signed painting or drawing by the French artist Joseph Inguimberty, please contact us to obtain as much information as possible about your work, its price and best selling opportunities in the current market.

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